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The XChanger SYSTEM


Traditional heating and cooling systems operate by supplying and returning air overhead with the goal of creating a thermally well-mixed space. Thermal stratification can develop due to the buoyancy of warm air, especially in spaces with tall ceilings. In cooling, the traditional system can lead to higher return air temperatures than necessary. In heating, the traditional system can lead to overheating the unoccupied upper portion of the space. The traditional system therefore will consume more energy to bring the space to set point than necessary.

The XChanger system retrofits the traditional, overhead system by altering where air is supplied and returned. In cooling, air is supplied low in the occupied zone and returned at a middle-level. The goal in cooling is to only condition the occupied space, letting the upper zone stratify. In heating, air is supplied near the ceiling and returned near the floor. The goal in heating is to create a well-mixed space by drawing down warm air from the ceiling to the occupied zone.

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XChanger High Bay Application

The Xchanger House

Checkout a cross-section of a house with the XChanger System! 

vs the Standard House

A cross-section of a standard house HVAC system.